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The perfect place for those among us that want to elevate our culinary skills without investing too much time or money. Cooking with Chef B features restaurant quality dishes that can be recreated in the comfort of your home. Perfect for date night during quarantine or a fancy dinner party when friends start to gather again. Whichever your reasons read on and enjoy!

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Why a blog? Why now?

Quarantine has left many of us realizing that our previous statements of "I would totally do _____ if only I had the time." are complete...

50 Best #2 Cioppino

The key to cioppino is to make it your own. Use whatever seafood you love and is in season at the time.It's a tomato based fish stew that...

Cooking the Worlds Best 50

My twist on Thomas Keller's BLT Egg and Cheese Sandwich (which my roommate has decided to call a BELT Melt)

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