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Why a blog? Why now?

Quarantine has left many of us realizing that our previous statements of "I would totally do _____ if only I had the time." are complete lies. Most of us spent the time we would use to start running again to instead binge everything one Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. I definitely fell into that group. So when my restaurant reopened the beginning of June I was excited to get back to work. However, sometimes things don't work out as planned and corporate cut my position to save labor again throwing me into unemployment. So with the help of my roommate and Ziggy (my dog and loyal taster) I am taking the time to finally start a food blog that hopefully will help some people enjoy cooking as much as I do.

About Ziggy

A happy four year old Cocker Spaniel that loves long walks (on the beach), fetch and anytime I drop food on the floor. The most committed taste tester I've ever had; although I've yet to find something he doesn't like so his opinion might not be the most reliable.

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